Living in the Light

Reflection on 1 John 1:1-2:2

Deacon Jacob SitzeLast Sunday
God Does Big Things with Small Stuff
Deacon Jacob Sitze2/14/2024
How God Changes Us
Stop Trying and Start Trusting
Strike the Rock
Digging Ourselves Into a Hole
A New Beginning
Agnus Dei
Against All Odds
Wise Men Still Seek Him
Awakening to God's Voice
Casting Gospel Nets
Discerning Love
The Relational Need
Serving God in the Ordinary
The Grinch's Isolation
The Grinch's Rant
Pastor Travis Ferguson12/10/2023
The Who's Rejoicing
Pastor Travis Ferguson12/17/2023
The Grinch's Change of Heart
Pastor Travis Ferguson12/24/2023
My Hands Have Held. My Eyes Have Seen.
Pastor Travis Ferguson12/31/2023
Scripture Alone
Pastor Travis Ferguson10/15/2023
Faith Alone
Grace Alone
Pastor Travis Ferguson10/29/2023
Christ Alone